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Samson Valve
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Samson product :

Globe valve ,  Rotary valve ,  Special valve, actuator

- Globe valve : 

SAMSON globe control valves provide measured control of your fluid processes such as non-corrosive, corrosive and erosive media, and steam, hygienic and aseptic fluids. Using pneumatic or electric actuators and digital positioners, the valves integrate with diagnostic control systems through HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus protocols.

- Rotary valve :

SAMSON Group manufactures ball, segmented ball, butterfly, and eccentric rotary plug valves for non-corrosive, corrosive, and erosive media that conform to rigid ANSI, API, and ASME standards for both on/off and throttling service.

- Special valve :

SAMSON offers both linear and rotary valves for special applications such as cryogenic, hygienic, aseptic, desuperheating, nuclear power, and toxic chemicals.

SAMSON cryogenic globe or angle control valves withstand temperatures as lows as -459° F (-273°C) to as high as +149°F (+65°C). Cryogenic valves are used for vapor and gas processes as well as sanitary processes.

- Actuator :

SAMSON Group offers pneumatic, electric, electropneumatic, and hydraulic actuators for linear and rotary high and low pressure control valves of all sizes for all applications including specialty applications such as cryogenic, food & beverage, and severe service.

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