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Rotork YTC YT-930 IP Converter
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YT930 IP Converter accurately provides equipments with relevant air pressure, according to input signal of 4~20mA being delivered from the controller.

YT-930 IP converter receives 4~20mA DC signal from the control room and outputs 0.02 ~ 0.1 MPa signal to pneumatic-pneumatic positioner to operate a control valve system. YT-930 is designed to be used in Ex ia IIC T5/T6 intrinsic safety or non-explosion proof environment. 

  • High accuracy and sensitivity
  • Simple zero and span adjustment
  • Feedback Signal (Option)
  • Analog PID Control
  • Tubeless connection of YT-200, Air Regulator
  • Explosion Proof
  • No effect from mounting orientation
Main Features and Functions

➢ Low air consumption level yields to lower plant operating cost.
➢ A wide range of uses with IP66 protection grade.
➢ Can be used at low voltage (8.5 V) and can be compatible with most of general controllers.
➢ Polyester painting makes the product strong against corrosion environment.
➢ Easy dial adjustment for Zero and Span.
➢ Modularized inner parts make maintenance easy and simple.
➢ I/P converter operates normally during sudden changes in supply pressure and / or high
vibration environment.
➢ Air filter regulator <YT-200 series> can be directly installed without any pneumatic piping.
➢ DA and RA can be set for the output pressure relative to the input current signal by simple switch
➢ DA and RA can be set for the feedback signal relative to the output pressure by simple switch
operation. (Only feedback signal option)

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