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Rotork YTC YT-720S Solenoid Valve
Rotork YTC YT-720S Solenoid Valve
Rotork YTC YT-720S Solenoid Valve
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Explosion proof type 3way solenoid valve, YT-720S series outputs pressure to valves or changes output port direction.

The YT-720S (3 Way) and YT-720D (4 Way) series of explosion-proof solenoid valves are designed to output the pneumatic pressure input to the valve by DC or AC voltage signal (YT-720D: Switch output port direction)

  • Explosion proof type (ExdIICT6) solenoid valve.
  • Replacement of coil is easy due to AC and DC applied in same enclosure.
  • Manual switch enables user to test the operation when the power source is cutoff.
  • Connecting wires are easy because connection port can be rotated (265°).
  • Valve body is air pressure operating type, so the operation is very smooth with high durability.
  • Can be directly attached on actuator, because of NAMUR type design. Coil assembly can be rotated.
Main Features and Functions

➢ Designed to be flameproof enclosure.
➢ Manual switch allows to carry-out operational test even when there is no voltage power
➢ It is convenient to attach the power cable from the field as the conduit entrance can be rotated
(265 degrees). In addition, the coil body itself can rotate 360 degrees, making installation easy.
➢ In case of YT-720D, valve body is operated by pneumatic operation instead of spring return type,
so operation is very smooth with high durability regardless of supply pressure.
➢ With Namur type design, it can be attached directly to the actuator.
➢ Product surface is anodized and therefore, corrosion resistance is excellent.

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